Review of the OBi100 VoIP ATA & Voice Service Bridge With Google Voice

Rating *****

The OBi100 by Obihai is a device that allows you to connect to a VoIP account like Google Voice for phone services. The small unit plugs into your Internet router and phone system and from there it just took about 10 minutes to connect the device to my Google Voice account. After making the connections, an account needs to be setup at and from this site you enter your Google Voice account information, make an adjustment to your Google Voice configuration, and then presto- you have phone service at home without needing your computer to be on.

The OBi100 device comes with a 12-volt power adapter, LAN cable and instruction manual on how to hook up the device.

OBi100 devive and accessories


The Obi100 supports phone features such as Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Anonymous Caller Blocking and more. User settings for the phone configuration can be setup by pointing a web browser to the Obi device. With the Obi device you can also directly call other users who have an OBi device via the OBiTalk network for free.

OBi100 web browser interface:

OBi100 web interface

The sound quality of the Obi100 + Google Voice is excellent, and with the ease of setup and low price of the OBi device (currently $44 at Amazon), the OBi100 gets a five star rating. For just a $44 investment and a free Google Voice account, you are able to make and receive unlimited local and long distance calls in the US.

OBi100 in action

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